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Realm Player Race 1 Race 2 Map Rating
Terran Protoss Zerg Terran Protoss Zerg
Bronze Silver Gold
Platinum Diamond Master

Strategy List

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Name    Rating 6Num ReplaysWin RateDownloads to App
Zerg vs ProtossvsN/A00.001
Protoss vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Zerg vs ProtossvsN/A11.001
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Zerg vs TerranvsN/A70.711
Terran vs ZergvsN/A20.001
Terran vs TerranvsN/A290.451
Terran vs TerranvsN/A21.001
Zerg vs TerranvsN/A560.551
Terran vs ZergvsN/A11.001
Protoss vs ZergvsN/A1220.541
Zerg vs ProtossvsN/A11.001
Zerg vs ProtossvsN/A30.331
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Zerg vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Protoss vs ProtossvsN/A30.331
4 GatevsN/A3330.671
Protoss vs TerranvsN/A200.101
Terran vs ProtossvsN/A11.001
Zerg vs TerranvsN/A330.551
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Zerg vs TerranvsN/A10.001
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
Terran vs ZergvsN/A10.001
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High level strategies just take buildings into account where Low level strategies consider buildings, units, and upgrades.

Strategies are still new and being developed. The strategies are parsed from replay files and are as accurate as possible. We are looking for feedback to improve strategy accuracy and your experience with them. So, please send your feedback to Thanks!

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